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Obstacle Warrior Summer Camps

$120Purchase required to enroll

Join us for a fun and active kids obstacle course camp!! We offer some out of school camps during the school year and 4-day long camps during the summer months! Camps are 3 hours per day and feature strength and endurance training through fun challenges and games, skill development on Spartan and Ninja style obstacles, healthy nutrition through trying fruits and vegetables and a fun Spartan or Ninja themed creative activity. Space is limited so make sure to sign up in advance to reserve your spot!

Our Obstacle Warriors Camp surrounds students with a great group of new friends and a support system like no other. Students of all experience levels can challenge themselves and enjoy the feeling of accomplishment each and every day. We're helping children:

  • Build confidence in themselves
  • Learn perseverance and dedication
  • Develop leadership and teamwork skills
  • Face life with unwavering courage


JUNE 8-11

JULY 6-9